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Inno Green

Aug 29, 2011 GMT

company SAMWOO TCC
Coutnry/Region Korea (South)Korea (South)
address (# 205, Bldg. 3, KITTEC, 2121-1, Jungwang-dong, Shieung-si, Gyeonggi-Do, Korea (South) 429-450
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Product Information
Product Description
Usage: Environmentally friendly biodegradable resin that can replace existing resins (100% decomposition by micro-organism. Non-toxin)
Applicable area: Usable as raw materials across industries in those areas where existing resins are used. 
Injection products: Various plastic injection products and their parts, including electronics, baby goods, and everyday goods. 
Disposable goods: All disposable goods such as containers, spoons, straws, roll bags, gloves, shopping bags, and packaging materials and containers. 
Woven goods: Felt, filters, fishing gear and fabric Films: Including mulching films, seeding pots, trash bags, roll bags, packaging
films, tapes, sheets and cards.

Product Advantages
Our technology is superior to those of other companies as it has been accumulated through the research tasks supported by the government (Excellent in terms of biodegradable, non-toxicity and physical property)
We have secured competitiveness in terms of price when compared with other companies, thanks to our own technologies for designing and manufacturing the reactor system
Products can be produced with physical properties customized for customers,
based on the high-quality human resources of our company annex research
center(Dedicated researchers: Including 2 persons with a doctorate in polymer
and 1 person with a master’s degree)

Features & Specifications
Inno Green
As this product can be decomposed 100% by micro-organism and does not generate harmful environmental hormones, it is an environmentally friendly material that is good for health. While it just looks like normal resins (plastics) when used in daily usage, it will be decomposed on when buried while not generating environmental hormones or dioxin, for example. The Inno Green series can be applied for various purposes depending on each grade. 

IG 10000S
For injection
Grade for injection, featured with more softness compared with PLA
For manufacturing disposable containers, kitchen articles, baby goods and bathtub goods.
IG 20000S
For felt
Grade for the yarning for felt that provides more softness and can be extended more well than IG 10000S.
Felt (MB, SB). staple fiber
IG 30000S
For highly elastic film
To be used for injection of products with good elasticity
Raw material for manufacturing agricultural mulching films and packaging films
IG Blending
Customized production
A biodegradable material with specialized physical properties. The physical properties can be adjusted according to the demands of customer.
Individual physical properties, such as softness, heat-resistance and mechanical property, can be specialized depending on the features of the products for which our goods are applied.

Biodegradability: 91.2%, which is highly excellent compared with the reference material (Conforming to “EL724. Biodegradable Resin Products))
Toxic elements: Tested as conforming to the reference related to toxic elements

Table of physical properties
Melting point
Melt index
Specific gravity
Tensile strength
Tearing strength
IG 10000S
IG 20000S
IG 30000S
Contact Information
Lee Min ( Biz Team , staff )
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  • company SAMWOO TCC
  • address (# 205, Bldg. 3, KITTEC, 2121-1, Jungwang-dong, Shieung-si, Gyeonggi-Do, Korea (South) 429-450
  • fax 82-31-433-8378
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