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Eco Arch Support

Aug 29, 2011 GMT

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Product Information
    Product Description
Usage: Exclusively for environmentally friendly orthotic insole for adult shoes.
To be used mainly by: Those who walk a lot or work a lot while standing. 

Product Advantages
The word’s first environmentally friendly insole made only by using a biodegradable resin (Inno Green Polymer) that can be decomposed 100% by micro-organism.
A health product, which is non-toxic, causing no harm to the human body and generating no environmental hormones.
Not to be restricted by the environmental regulations of countries.
Price competitiveness is secured as the product is made using Inno Green polymer that we produce.
This orthotic insoles are popularized, providing low prices and making the product practical when compared with customized ones

Features & Specifications
Eco Arch Support
This orthotic insole is a functional product manufactured for the purpose of correcting the structure and shape of a foot. Eco Arch Support is the world’s first environmentally friendly and orthotic insole manufactured based on the ergonomics design while using Inno Green Polymer, an environmentally friendly material. The orthotic insole is to help a foot recover its natural function by correcting its shape, including the pedal arch, and then arranging the bones of the foot and its ankle into their own natural state to help the foot regain its function, consequently resolving problems with many areas of a human body. Eco Arch Support is a popularized orthotic insole, which can be well fitted for a foot and can provide similar functions, with lower costs, when compared customized products. In addition, the product is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, generating neither toxin nor environmental hormones, helpful saving the environment of the earth.
Orthotic Concept: Ergonomics design that can be fitted well for the feet of adults. It length is 3/4.
Fatigue reduction: Foot pressure can be distributed evenly due to the orthotic design of the arch and heel.
Keep the right figure: Correct the physique, which connects through the foot, leg, pelvis and spine, into a right posture.
Stress reduction: Physical activity can be performed without stress when people feel comfort in feet, and subsequently, in five viscera and the six entrails.
Stimulation for a bare foot
Stimulating the sole of a foot will help maintain the same environment as the one in which you walk barefooted.
The Bio-Haxa chip uses the rebound resilience to distribute impact and stimulate the foot continuously.
With a function that can enhance vitality by activating the brain and making smooth the blood circulation.
The world’s first environmentally friendly insole
Made only using a biodegradable resin (Inno Green Polymer) that can be decomposed 100% by micro-organism.
Non-toxic and causing no environmental hormones.

Product Standards / Models
Model: General-type Eco Arch Support. Stimulating-type Eco Arch Support (Bio-Hexa insertion)
Consisting of: One set of Eco Arch Support, one guide book, one quality assurance document, 2 units of Bio-Hexa (Stimulating-type)
Material: Consisting of biodegradable resin (Inno Green)
For male: US7, US8, US9, US10
For female: US5, US6, US7, US8
Contact Information
Lee Min ( Biz Team , staff )
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  • company SAMWOO TCC
  • address (# 205, Bldg. 3, KITTEC, 2121-1, Jungwang-dong, Shieung-si, Gyeonggi-Do, Korea (South) 429-450
  • fax 82-31-433-8378
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