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Ink1009 Ink (dye), Ink1009 Ink (pigment)

May 29, 2013 GMT

company OFFICE1009 Co., Ltd
Coutnry/Region Korea (South)Korea (South)
address 703, SK Techno B/L, 55 Seong suil-ro, Seongdong-Gu, Seoul, Korea (South) 133710
Contact Ko Eun Kyung
Phone 82-2-3437-2244
fax 82-2-444-9762
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Product Information

[Product Name]

ink1009 ink (dye), ink1009 ink (pigment)

[Purpose and Applications]

Used in almost any kind of printers in offices, government offices, schools, and households

[Merits or Strength Compared to Other Similar Domestic and Overseas Technologies and Products]

ink1009 inks can reduce the loss of ink depending on the model of printers because it can be used for any printers of the same brand.


[General Descriptions and Features]

ink1009 ink is an eco-friendly product that significantly reduces cartridge wastes because you don't need to buy a new ink cartridge again since it supplements ink in the used ink cartridge. Especially, ink1009 inks are not toxic because it is made of harmless solvent and water. In addition, it is manufactured to prevent blockage of the printer nozzle by improving the flow of ink. Our products are currently exported to Japan, Indonesia, and America based on the stability and excellence of our products.


[Product Standard]


1,000 ml/bottle


contains up 3~5% dye, 10~30% solvent

Boiling point

248℉ (120℃)


It is water-soluble and not volatile and is safe because it is completely dissolved in water.


No blockage in the nozzle thanks to excellent ink flow




Contact Information
Ko Eun Kyung ( Marketing , Deputy General Manager )
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  • company OFFICE1009 Co., Ltd
  • address 703, SK Techno B/L, 55 Seong suil-ro, Seongdong-Gu, Seoul, Korea (South) 133710
  • fax 82-2-444-9762
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