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Food Waste Disposal Units

May 29, 2013 GMT

company DIP Co., Ltd.
Coutnry/Region Korea (South)Korea (South)
address 1-213, Changdae B/D, 1082 Mansu-dong, Namdong-gu, Incheon, Korea (South) 405-869
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Product Information

[Product name]

Food waste disposal units (DIP-100, DIP-500 外)


[Purpose and Applications]

This system will ferment and dry food waste from large restaurants and apartments to reduce its weight by up to 95~97%. About 5% byproduct that will be discharged finally will go through a simple secondary process to be turned into fertilizers or pellets that can be used as substitute fuel.


[Merits or Strength Compared to Other Similar Domestic and Overseas Technologies and Products]

○ When it comes to existing products, they apply high heat or a grinder to dry the waste, which consumes more energy. During the drying process, harmful gases, stench and noise are generated, making users feel dissatisfied.

○ As our products apply a medium heat drying method that uses aerobic microorganism, there is no need for high heat, and harmful gases will not be emitted. The products are more excellent than other companies’ products in terms of odor and energy efficiency (A certified green technology is applied).


[General Descriptions and Features]

As the DIP series food waste disposal units use microorganism-based fermentation and drying methods, no exhaust gases that can be harmful to the human body will not be discharged. The water to be discharged will be purified internally and turned into 2-grade clean water before being discharged. That is why water pollution will not be caused, and it is designed in a way that the burden on a sewage water treatment plant can be reduced.

As individual operation parts will be automatically activated selectively according to the external environment as well as the temperature/humidity inside the system, making it possible to maintain optimal conditions. It is designed in a way that waste heat will be used to heat up externally supplied fresh air to a certain temperature, making it possible to prevent loss of energy.

Thanks to such features of the products, the technology applied to DIP series products acquired a ‘green technology certification’ and, based on that, the company has submitted an application for a ‘Green Product’ certification.


[Product Standard]





100 kg/Day

500 kg/Day

Key technology

Pretreatment technology for which the ‘natural circulation and cooling heat exchange method’ is applied.

Volume reduced

95% or more


Fermentation and disposal by microorganism

Key features

Can also ferment and dispose of various types of bones and crustacean


Contact Information
Jin-woo Choi ( Sales , Director )
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  • company DIP Co., Ltd.
  • address 1-213, Changdae B/D, 1082 Mansu-dong, Namdong-gu, Incheon, Korea (South) 405-869
  • fax 82-032-466-3375
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