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Food Waste Management System (Fermentation Thickener, Energy Extractor)

Jun 18, 2013 GMT

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Product Information

[Purpose and Applications]

Different from other products, we ferment food waste using only the microorganisms that we have developed. To reduce electricity consumption, it has its own power generating system, and it requires no connection with the sewer because it does not produce condensate water. The food waste is fermented only with microorganisms, which in turn, can also be used as compost. We put the remaining fermented food wastes into the energy extractor (pyrolysis-applied facility) for further production of 100% energy and resources.[General Descriptions and Features]

MFB (Microorganisms Fermentation Bioenergy) refers to the method of energy production with the use of energy extractor by fermenting and reducing the weight of food wastes by more than 70% and collecting them twice a month. It uses technology to reduce environmental pollution by converting waste into energy (waste to energy) with the use of an environmentally friendly method, which is a purely domestic and certified "green technology".


■ Fermentation Thickener

1) Produces no bad odor, condensate water, and waste

- There is no bad odor because of the deodorizer that we independently developed.

- There is no condensate water because of the microorganisms that we independently developed.

2) Cheaper operation and maintenance cost

- It promotes low electric consumption because of its independent power generating system.

- It offers low transportation rate (twice a month).

3) It guarantees 10 years of durability and available customized manufacturing.

■ Energy Extractor

1) Low-carbon treatment facility

- It is a small facility that can be installed in a building.

→ It reduces CO2 because of the short transportation distance of fermented foods.

- It does not use chemicals and reduces CO2 through the production of biofuels.

(Reduces greenhouse gas with an annual TCO2 of 3,128,000 when treating the food wastes of an entire nation)

2) Eco-friendly technology


- It does not produce wastes, such as food wastes, through its 100% recycling system.

- It applies pyrolysis method certified by relevant academic society

3) Produces high-quality energy

- Biofuel: 9,400 kcal/kg

- Activated carbon: 661 mg/g absorptive power


The existing food waste disposal method

When using our technology

Collect?transport food waste

15 times/month

2 times/month

Transport distance to the disposal plant

Transport to other areas

Able to install inside the local government offices because it is small

Transport distance of collecting vehicle



Amount of carbon dioxide generation




[Product Standard]



GP-R100 (one of the fermentation thickener models)


100 kg/day


1,975 x 1,200 x 1,100

Power consumption

2 kW/h


10 years

weight reduction

More than 70%


Contact Information
Yerang Kim ( Business management )
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  • company G&P Biotech Co, .LTD
  • address 3F, Peniel B/D, 15-7, Gangnam-daero 39gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea (South) 137863
  • fax 82-2-6442-2009
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