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Ecofriendly Original Green Cup

Oct 28, 2013 GMT

company Ecojuncompany
Coutnry/Region Korea (South)Korea (South)
address 613-2, Jinheung-ro/ Eunpyeong-gu/ Seoul, Seoul, Korea (South) 122-706
Contact Jun Seo, Lee
fax 82-70-8677-5188
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Product Information

- Material : Biodegradable corn plastic (+PLA)
- Packaging material : 100% Recycled paper
- Size (mm) : height 120 / bottom diameter 60 / Top diameter 83 / thickness
- Packaging size (mm) : width 90 / height length 130
- Color : White,Yellow,Red,Brown,Black

The cup looks similar to a cup commonly used in coffee shops. We made a‘v’shaped crack on top of the cup so that you can hang a tea bag without slipping it into the cup.

We use eco-friendly material made from biodegradable corn plastic. It decomposes when buried, and it is free from environmental hormone.

We use 100% recycled paper for packaging. The package itself can be reused as a cup saucer or a cup holder, minimizing waste.
Coffee+ (brown color cup)

117,000 ton of coffee ($ 4.2 million) was imported to Korea
in 2011 alone. Coffee grounds are usually used as livestock
feed, but their use has raised many ethical issues on caffeine
accumulation. Moreover, only a small amount of coffee grounds
are used as compost and the rest remains as waste.
So we made the product to turn the waste into a resource.

Optional Information
- Payment Price : 18 USD
- Origin : South Korea
- Minimum Order : 400 ea
- Samples : Charge
- Sample Price : 18 USD

Contact Information
Jun Seo, Lee ( ceo , green designer )
Contact Now
  • company Ecojuncompany
  • address 613-2, Jinheung-ro/ Eunpyeong-gu/ Seoul, Seoul, Korea (South) 122-706
  • fax 82-70-8677-5188
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