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Ionization Water Treatment System

Dec 03, 2012 GMT

company IOREX Co., Ltd.
Coutnry/Region Korea (South)Korea (South)
address 414 Ho (21 Maenhatan) 74 Gil 20, Gukhoedaero (13-21 Yeouido-dong), Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea (South) 136-791
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Product Information

IOREX is environmental product developed in high-tech. Once IOREX is installed in plumbing system that water passes through, it makes activated water, which prevents rust, scale and slime that cause pollution and corrosion in plumbing system.
In addition, IOREX is environmentally friendly apparatus which helps Well-being life by sterilization and softening water and keeping essential minerals for living thing.
It is necessary to all plumbings which the water passes, including water supply, industrial water, buildings, apartment house and so on.

Feature :
- CONVENIENT : easy to install, cuts off water and halts traffic only for a short period of time
- SAFETY : uses natural materials (carbon) – maximizes safety
- ECO-FRIENDLY : no motor power, no chemicals, no A/S
- ECONOMICAL : semi-permanent – only install once
- PRACTICAL : no decrease in water pressure, suitable for water quality at home and abroad

Application :
- Waterworks, Building, Apartment, School, Hospital, Sauna, Pool
- Factory / Industrial facilities, Boiler, Heat exchanger
- Farms for animal / plants, etc.
- and also applicable to all kind of pipe materials

Product Ionizing water treatment equipment Iorex
Usage Iorex is connected to and installed on the pipe where water flows to suppress and remove the formation of rust, scale and slime to effectively manage a clean pipe.
Pros compared to products of similar technology of other Korean and global companies It uses carbon electrodes and world’s only technology for improved ionization and semi-permanent use. It is a unique product with cutting-edge technology to specially process the carbon electrode surface area.

It uses body-friendly carbon to maximize safety and is an eco-friendly product that does not use power or chemicals. In addition, one-time installation allows semi-permanent use making it an economical product with possible application to control water quality both in Korea and globally.
Overall explanation of the product and its characteristics When water flows through Iorex, the friction caused when it comes into contact with the surface generates static. When static is absorbed and raises the charge, nuclear electrons are emitted externally to create electric charge. Therefore, a strong electrostatic field is formed by the motion of the electrons, and water is ionized when passing the static electrostatic field.
Different from conventional systems which may be hazardous to the environment and require complicated chemical process, IOREX uses the water flows as its source of power. It is and economical and eco-friendly with a physical and positive method.
The performance of Iorex has been certified by the Korean Small and Medium Business Administration and designated as an outstanding product for procurement. As such, it has been installed in waterworks of local governments, industrial sites, industrial facilities, houses, apartments, schools and livestock and plant farms, where its effect has been proven.
Product specifications Size From 8mm to 400mm for all pipe sizes.
Eco-friendly No chemicals, no power
Flashing point Our company’s product is not related to the flashing point.
Safe It uses carbon, a body-friendly material, to maximize safety
Advantages Convenient: easy installation, short-term water outage and traffic control
Safety: uses carbon, a highly body-friendly material to maximize safety
Eco-friendly: no power, no chemicals, no A/S
Economical: One time installation for semi-permanent use
Practical: No drop in water pressure and appropriate to control water quality both in Korea and globally
Activity 100 percent

Optional Information
- Payment : T/T in Advance
- Origin : Republic of Korea
- Minimum Order : 1
- Packaging : carton or wooden case
- Samples : Not Avaliable

Contact Information
Ran Mo ( External Rlations and Cooperation , Staff )
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