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Package Type Humidifier (Air Washer) CH-300

Package type Humidifier CH300, It can generate the large volume of micro particles by 2-fluid type of the compressed air. It is effective in cooling, sterilizing, and removing the fetor by the result of the strong humidifying effects. [ .....

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Supersonic Humidifier NH-4 / NH-6

NH-4 NH-6 Supersonic Humidifier is a compatible model, designed to spout the fog(ultrafine particles) generated by the spray under the water. [ FEATURE ] 1. Easy installation. Easy to install on the wall or the pillar. 2. .....

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Spray Type Humidifier (Air Fog) AZ-2 / AZ-4

The air fog AZ-2 / AZ-4 maximizes the humidification effect through the vaporization process by indoor temperatur of the ultrafine particles that can be occurred continuously by the re-division of sprayed particles of up-and-down hem of the nozzle .....

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