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Ceramic Metalhilde Lamp

Product Description [BH: Horizontal Type] This product provides a long lifetime and an improved color rendering index of 10Ra or higher by enhancing shortcomings of the existing natrium lamps and metal lamps.

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Copper Rod

Product Description The Material Business Division introduced the new facilities of SOUTHWIRE, U.S, in 1988 and produces copper rods with superior mechanical and electrical characteristics using just "GRADE A" copper registered in .....

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Mixed Flow Pump

Product Description The fluid is drained out by the pressure and velocity induced by the centrifugal force of the impeller and the lift force of the wings, and is pumped by the pressure applied from the casing equipped with a guide wing. .....

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Light Rapid Transit (Inverter For Fuel Battery - 1kW)

Product Description As a company specialized in new and renewable energy, hydrogen fuel battery, Iljin provides a power control system to supply AC voltage from the DC voltage of fuel battery using hydrogen gas.

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Power Cable (HV Cable)

Product Description High voltage cable for super-high voltage electrical circuits

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The Power Transmission And Transformation System(High Voltage Facilities-power Fuse)

Product Description Iljin outdoor (pole installation) and indoor (distribution panel, panel, etc.) power fuses are installed at each phase of primary side of power transformer (22.9kV) under ambient temperature of 45℃ and less and altitude of .....

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