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Product Description

ㅇREGREEN is a biodegradable packaging foam & material. 
ㅇREGREEN has the excellent compressive strength and restitution force.
ㅇ Regreen-Chip is a material product which is available of foaming by a minimized machine.

Product Feature

ㅇREGREEN is degraded perfectly by microorganisms in soil.
ㅇREGREEN is soluble in water.
ㅇThe shock-absorbing effect of Regreen-Foam is excellent like polystyrene foam.
ㅇREGREEN doesn’t generate static electricity unlike polystyrene foam.
ㅇREGREEN is useful product to save costs for packaging.
ㅇREGREEN is safe because of using natural materials, and toxic gases don’t come out in case of incineration.

Product Specification / Models

ㅇRegreen-Foam - Specific gravity : 0.01 ~ 0.04 g/cm3
ㅇRegreen-Chip - Moisture content : 5~10%
ㅇRegreen-Powder - Specific gravity : 0.5 ~ 0.8 g/cm3


ㅇRegreen-Foam is capable of substitute for existing polystyrene foam.
ㅇPackaging for fragile products like glass, ceramics and the others.
ㅇTeaching tools for children