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Multi Block Reactor

Product Description Guarantee ------ No Leaks, High Yield, Low Price is a synthesizer which guarantees superior performance at minimum cost while making it possible to synthesize many compounds simultaneously in a limited amount of space. has .....

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Contract Research Services

Product Description Whether you need milligram or gram quantities of drug-like small molecule, Leadgenex will supply them through Contract Research. Library Scaffold may be provided by customers or Leadgenex. We boast of expertise in combinatorial .....

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Custrom Organic Synthesis Services

Product Description Leadgenex Provides Custom Organic Synthesis based on our proprietary technology. Accurate NMR and MS data guarantee the high quality and high purity of all compounds. Our customers include Rexahn, Inc., USA, SPI Japan, LG Care .....

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Building Block Libraries

Product Description Leadgenex maintains several unique building blocks for synthesizing libraries. These original building blocks apply to various chemical libraries. Leadgenex Provides Unique (Chiral) Building Blocks for the Customer's R&D. .....

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Chemical Libraries

Product Description Leadgenex maintains many diverse and unique chemical libraries which are unknown to public domain. These libraries are original and applicable to many disease targets for drug discovery. We have NMR and MS data for all of the .....

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X-NOx (Removal Of NOx)

Product Description GreenGenex’s NOx removal catalyst, X-NOx, is used to effectively destroy NOx emitted from various NOx sources and converts toxic NOx to non-toxic N2 and O2. X-NOx is effective at lower temperature as low as 180 oC than .....

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X-Ozone (Removal Of Ozone)

Product Description GreenGenex’s ozone removal catalyst, X-Ozone, is used to effectively destroy ozone emitted from various off-gas emissions, and converts toxic ozone to oxygen. X-Ozone, an ambient-temperature operated catalyst, is .....

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X-CO (Removal Of CO)

Product Description GreenGenex’s CO removal catalyst, X-CO, is used effectively to remove deadly carbon monoxide from air. X-CO, an ambient-temperature operated catalyst, is GreenGenex’s catalyst technology for the most cost-effective .....

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X-VOCs (Removal Of Volatile Organic Compounds)

Product Description GreenGenex’s VOC removal catalyst, X-VOC, is used to destroy volatile organic compounds (VOCs) effectively such as benzene, toluene, xylene, acetic acid, form aldehyde, ethyl alcohol, butyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, .....

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