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PO2 Process

Product Description Ozone is compressed into a reaction tank with raw water which will be treated. Ozone concentration is raised by increasing the pressure of the reaction tank with ozone gas. Increased ozone concentration effectively treats or .....

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MIDAF Process

Product Description If air is compressed into water with high pressure such as 4-6kg/cm2, air is dissolved in water following Henry’s law. When the compressed water is released at the atmospheric pressure, the over-saturated air is .....

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DOF-PO2 Process

Product Description The technology may be employed for a pretreatment (solid-liquid separation) and a final process followed by the biological process. The processes of DOF-PO2-DO2 are put together to make one system, so that non-biodegradable .....

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FIDAF Process

Product Description - Removal of algal bloom in the lake. - Enhancing self purification capacity of the lake - Prevention of eutrophication of the lake. - Removal of odor from the polluted water. - Enhance the waterfront value of .....

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The DOF System

1. Brief Introduction of the DOF Technology - The DOF system is a Combined Technology of the DAF system with Ozone. The DAF system has the excellent flotation performance of the suspended material and Ozone has the highest Oxidation .....

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