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Korea (South)SYNOPEX

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SYNOPEX Inc., holding technologies of UF(ultra filtration) and RO(reverse osmosis) system by using membrane, contributes to small villages on account of setting up water treatment system including manufacturing, design and maintenances.
SYNOPEX is also specialized in desalination system(ground water, seawater) and Mobile drinking water feeding trailer which can respond quickly to the regions where there is watershortage.
Except for those systems, SYNOPEX supplies High concentrated salt wasterwater recovery system, Caustic soda wastewater recovery system, Livestock wastewater treatment & recovery system, Fluoride wastewater treatment & recycle system, Etching wastewater treatment & recycle system and so on.
SYNOPEX is trying to supply products with high quality and services in order to satisfiy potential customer as much as we can.

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company nameSYNOPEX
CategoryWater Treatment > Water Supply
address 856 songdong-ri, daesong-myeon, nam-gu, pohang-si,, Gyeongsangnam-Do, Korea (South) 790-841