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Ultra Filtration
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Product Description

1. Excellent efficiency on account of High Permeability 2. Enabling fast recovery of transmission performance and long life by Back-Flushing 3. Strong Hydrophilic and pollution control 4. Mechanical strength enhanced more than 30% 5. To maintain a stable process for field application

Product Feature

1. Excellent separation performance - Excellent separation performance, high-transmission performance and superior transmission reliability in various fields represent the perfect performance 2. Superior economics - The unique technology of PAN Hollow Fiber Membrane make cheap and quick supply possible 3. Thorough technical support - The best technology of SYNOPEX provide customer with non-stop service ranging from manufacturing to system development

Product Specification / Models

HUF 3040, HUF 6050


SYNOPEX’s ultra filtration can be applied to a variety of industries including drinking water to water for industrial use