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Seawater/Groundwater Desalination System
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Name of Product

Seawater/Groundwater Desalination System

Application and use of product

The system removes salt and other materials in seawater/groundwater so that it can provide drinking water to the cities having difficulties of getting water services.


Advantages or strengths compare to similar technologies or products

- Applying RO(Reverse Osmosis)membrane system, it can remove any pollutants including salinity and dissolved materials perfectly

- Compared to the Thermal process(MSF, MED, VCD), RO membrane system can reduce more energy consumption

- Compact size for small foot print

- Easy to install and maintain


Standards & Model


- Intake facility : Reduce the load of pre-treatment

- Pre treatment : Remove materials in advance in order to maintain the perfirmance of membrane for a long perio.

- Revese Osmosis :Remove ionc materials in raw water and pass through pure water by membrane

- Post treatment : Include chlorine Desinfection, PH adjustment, Hardness adjustment facilities for drinking water

- Discharge facility : Treat mixture of rinse water and condensed water/treat preserve solution wastewater and rinse wastewater