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Seawater/Groundwater Desalination System

Name of Product Seawater/Groundwater Desalination System Application and use of product The system removes salt and other materials in .....

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Small-scale Water Purification System(village-sized)

Product Description Small-scale water infrastructure chang surface water, groundwater or valley water to drinking water in village. Now that nature water may be exposed to faces, microbes, heavy metals and so on, SYNOPEX’s Small-scale water .....

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Synopex Mobile Drinking Water Feeding Trailer(SMDT)

SMDT (Synopex Mobile Drinking water feeding Trailer) 1. What is SMDT(Synopex Mobile Drinking water feeding Trailer) : The SMDT is available at any time and any place, since all devices are equipped in a .....

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High Concentrated Salt Wastewater Recovery System

High Concentrated Salt Wastewater Recovery System ■ Brief Introduction of System .....

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Ultra Filtration

Product Description 1. Excellent efficiency on account of High Permeability 2. Enabling fast recovery of transmission performance and long life by Back-Flushing 3. Strong Hydrophilic and pollution control 4. Mechanical strength enhanced more than .....

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