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Electric Bathroom Bidet

Posting Date : Jan 06, 2016 GMT

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company HYUNDAI Wacortec Co., Ltd
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Model number : HDBR-550


Instantaneous Heating Ceramic Module


* Instantaneous Heating System :

   Instantaneous Heating module made in Japan enables warm water running for

   24 hours without a change in temperature of water.


* Bubble Cleansing :

   The motor creates bubble in the water for smooth, refreshing and tidy cleansing.


* Nozzle for Regular Motions :

   The nozzle for gegular motions stimulates the body.


* Cleansing the posterior :

   Enjoy clean and fresh cleansing.


* Feminine Hygiene/Nozzle Movement :

   Enjoy clean, fresh and smooth cleansing.


* Massage :

   Water sprays up and down repeatedly.

   This relaxes the body and may stimulate a bowel movement. It function along with MOVE.


* Sitz Bath :

   Enjoy continuous sitz bath without a change in temperature of water.


* Succession Sitz Bath :

   when the button 'Massage' is pressed two times, users can enjoy succession sitz bath of cold and hot water,

   runnig for 7 seconds by spells.


* Nozzle Self-cleaning :

   The nozzle are cleaned automatically before and after use.


* Purifying Filter :

   The quailty filter Purifies tap water and prolongs the life of HYUNDAI WACORTEC BIDET.


* Two Nozzles in One Pocket :

   Satisfy users with the correct posterior or feminine cleansing.


* Nozzle Cleaning :

   To clean the nozzle press the button NOZZLE CLEAN. It operates for 1 minute.


* Adjustable Nozzle Position :

   The nozzles adjustable for user's convenience.


* Automatic Cleansing :

   The main functions operate in sequence; cleansing-drying-deodorization. It's helpful for the disable and old people.


* Kids Only :

   This main functions operate in sequence. The main functions operate automatically in sequence;



* Etiquette Tunes :

   Users feel relaxation by natural and hamorious tunes.


* Aroma :

   Aromatic is replaceable wherever needed.


* Warm air Drying :

   Powerful warm air dries the area neatly after cleansing.


* Anti-slam(Slow Down) Lid/Seat :

   The lid and seat close smoothly and gradually.


* Heated Seat :

   User feel comfortable in the winter.


* Adjustment of Water Pressure & Warm Air Drying :

   Users can adjust water pressure and the speed of frying wind.


* Easy Installation & Detachment of Bidet :

   Users can install and detach the bidet so easily.


* Energy Saving :

   Users can economize power consumption by this function


* Occupied Seat Sensor :

   The bidet can only be operated by sensing skin when the seat is occupied.

   This eliminates water spillage though accidental use or children's curiosity.


* Ultraviolet Stenitizing Illumination :

   Ultraviolet stenitizing illumination strengthens the sterizing power in the toilet.It also brings an air of elegance to the toilet.


* Anti-bum Function :

   The pre-adjusted temperature tums down automatically to keep users safe from bums.


* Luxurious Remote Control :

   convenient use of bidet especially for disabled, old people and children.


* Built-in Diagnosis System :

   The bidet diagnoses its funtions automatically with the built-in checking system-MICOM (Micro Computer)


* Air Pump Motor :

   The Motor creates bubbles in the water for smooth, refreshing and tidy cleansing even in the low water pressure.


* Changeable Nozzle Tip :

   The nozzle tip is changeable as a user's preference;nozzle for

   regular motions (1 hole tip) & nozzle for smooth cleansing (3 holes tip).


* Large/Small Size of Bidet :

   Customers can select a bidet fit for the of the toilet;large/small


* Deodorization : HYUNDAI WACORTEC BIDET employs active carbon to remove oder in the restroom.


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