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Water Purifier, Pou Water Cooler

Posting Date : Jan 06, 2016 GMT

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company HYUNDAI Wacortec Co., Ltd
Coutnry/Region Korea (South)Korea (South)
address 684-49, Gongneung-Dong, also2121, Nowon-gu, Seoul,  139-240
Contact DongJun Kim
fax 82-2-948-2342
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Model number : W2-160P


* Description:  



- Excellent purifying efficiency: it supply clean and pure waterthat pass qualified Hyundai filtration system  

- Convenience: there is assistance faucet (optional) that canextract water contiguously and a lot of abstractions areconvenient  

- Harmonious design: graceful design and color harmony makeharmonious indoor atmosphere  

- Burn prevention function: safety device checks hot waterextraction by wrong operating of child


* Product Information  :



- Description: Hot & Cold water dispenser  

- Material of body: ABS and EGI Steel  

- Dimension: 340×335×1000(h)mm  

- Weight: 24kgs  

- Cold tank capacity: 5 liters  

- Hot tank capacity: 2 liters  

- Material of tanks: stainless steel  

- Compressor: DAEWOO or LG (optional)  

- Temperature of Cold water: 4~7°C  

- Temperature of Hot water: 80 to 90°C  

- Temperature control: by 2 sensors (bimetal)  

- The brand: "HI SEOUL"  

- The manufacturer and Origin: HYUNDAI WACORTEC, Korea  

- For detailed filtration information: Normal Type, - UF Type, - R/O Type, - Nano Silver Type


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